Book Boxes & Removal Cartons

Our book boxes and removal boxes are your standard regular slotted boxes. They come flat packed and are easily erected for use and dismantled for reuse or recycling. They are strong and sturdy, perfect for storage or moving. We have a range of sizes for your storing and moving needs. The Tea Chest carton is a larger carton and comes in 2 different material grades – A standard single fluted box which is good for clothing and general items and a heavy duty twin cushion box that can take up to 25-35kg.

Book Mailers

We have a range of book mailer sizes. These book mailers are great for mailing books or other flat items such as book_mailer_cd_newCDs and DVDs. They are extra protective with extra cardboard extended beyond two ends of the book to protect the book corners. You can also adjust the depth to your books thickness for extra snugness and security during transit. The size indicated on our website is suggested maximum size that it can be adjusted to.

  • Larger orders yield larger discounts
  • We ship Australia wide
  • All prices do not include cost of delivery

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